Digital Product
SWISS Air In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE), Website & App
Responsible for researching, ideating, and generating ideas for a cohesive & reimagined SWISS Air experience. Designed and prototyped the IFE system & App.
3 Months
Vincent Yap, Astghik Vardayan, Narayani Leonardo, Nedavius Ladmirault
My Role
We aim to create a one of a kind experience using Swiss design ideals to emphasize that SWISS is the airline where collaboration and personalization is made a priority for travelers.
The Problem
How can we make SWISS Air’s traveling experience more functional and personalized to each user?
The Solution
Envision the future of SWISS Air by creating the most hassle-free traveling and booking experience and a relaxing in-flight experience.
Our Goals
Prioritize User’s Needs
Use simple, direct and efficient design and features. Create seamless interactions between the user and the product.
Products will always meet users functional demands. Our products will solve user problems with purposeful solutions.
Make users feel excited and content about the choices they make. Create intuitive interactions that invoke curiousity.
Empathy & Journey Mapping
Formulate Strategy
Problem Statement & Solution
Affinity Mapping
Journey Mapping
Problem Statement
Opportunity Statement
Design System
Task Flow
Test Solutions
User Test Prototype
Simulate Real World Usage
Case Study
Digital Product 1
IFE (In-Flight Entertainment System)
Users want the freedom to choose entertainment and services that will suit their needs. By creating an up-to-date and modern UI, it will help contribute to a more enjoyable and responsive flight experience.
A More Personalized Experience
Providing destination-based content, services, and entertainment.

Access lists of shows and movies made in the app prior to boarding.

QR Code usage to create compatibility between the mobile app and in-flight entertainment system.
Streaming Services Integration
Integrate streaming services with the IFE to offer up-tp-date movies, shows, music, etc.
Access In-Flight Services
Order meals at anytime during flight.

Location-based meal plan linked to user’s tickets.

Add notes/preparation instructions on their meal.

Direct request of assistance through the IFE.
Digital Product 2
By creating a clean and modular UI system, users can easily access all their travel essentials in one place. This contributes to a feeling of consistency and organization.
Near-Field Communication (NFC)
Responsive UI that gives time and location-based actions.

A system of NFC-enabled checkpoints at airports.

Performance of automated actions - i.e. checking in, presenting customs documents, making payments, etc.
App Integration
Connect voice assistants - Siri and Google Assistant to perform actions.

Integration of Google Lens and Google AR for maps & navigation.

Integrate ride-sharing apps to perform auto-bookings to and from the airport.

Integrate with accommodation apps - Airbnb and Skyscanner and - present booking / check-in info.
Organized Planning
A timeline that maps out the entire trip.

A “progression” system for pre-flight tasks completed.

Easy and quick accessible mode of communication between group members.

A collaborative hub for multiple users to see and edit the same flight information.
Digital Product 3
SWISS Air Website
Users want a place to explore and discover new locations and destinations. Creating a website that allows users to find hidden gems and book, manages, and explore all in one place makes the traveling experience more connected.
Book Accommodations
Connect third-party booking services like Airbnb and Skyscanner for booking.

Options to plan ahead for post flight arrangements - i.e. travel tips, dinner reservations, activities, etc.
Explore Destinations
Recommend places of interest to visit and destination-based travel tips.

Allow users to gather information needed for their trips.
Design System
Tap the button below to view our design system presentation with an in-depth view on the re-imagined SWISS Air design system.
Presentation Deck
Tap the button below to view our presentation deck with an in-depth view of each process and how we created a new and improved, cohesive SWISS Air experience.
The UI design embodies SWISS ideals of ‘doing it right’ and ensuring quality services. We value features such as allowing users to collaborate efficiently and plan seamlessly and counting on SWISS to offer assistance and guidance from the beginning to the end of user’s trips. Flying with SWISS is made personal with the integration of third-party entertainment and booking services users trust and enjoy. Lastly, time is used efficiently with purposeful tools within the app - i.e. voice assistance, NFC, AR technology, and real-time updates.